Sunday, September 27, 2009

Very good "pocket" camcorder

Reviews Written by M. Pentecost (Sacramento, CA)

Very good "pocket" camcorder

I just purchased this product, and have only had a little time to play around with it, so I can not speak for the longevity of it, but I can tell you about my first impressions, and also how this camera performed based on my expectations. I do feel that a lot of the negative comments on this camera come from either a lack of knowledge of these types of devices, or simply unreasonable expectations. It should be noted, that this camera has a fixed wide angle lens, it is NOT going to have as much clarity and detail as a full size, full-on HD camcorder. What it will do is take reasonably good HD videos in an ultra-compact form. You can't have full size HD camcorder quality on a device this small, and on the flip side, you will never be able to haul all your normal camcorder equipment in your pocket, like you will with this. So, on to some specifics. 1. This camera records files in the h.264 codec. In my mind, this is one of the best codecs for this type of application - it allows you to put a lot of data in a very compressed file. These files will work seamlessly in a Windows environment, but you will need to be savy to get them to work on a mac. 2. Included software is very limited. If you want to edit more than 3 files into a movie at once, it will ask you to upgrade to a paid version of the app. I feel that you should just use a better stand alone editor, and not worry about included software. I have used Power Director flawlessly with this camera. 3. Because this camera is so small, and because none of the cameras in this niche have image stabilization, you will want to watch your movement. A small tripod will help - but so will a steady hand. Just don't expect the same stable performance that you are used to from your larger cameras. 4. This is a very simple device - you point and shoot simple, fairly high quality videos. Most people will think you are using a phone - and that is where this device gets its stars. You get the ability to shoot high quality video with a device as large as your smartphone, and you get it all for around [...] bucks ... You can't go wrong there. Just make sure to manage your expectations - this isn't a $1,000 HD camcorder with large optics.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Exceeded My Expectations

Received my Vado HD today and I was pleasantly surprised. When the original ship date moved from Monday to Friday I got a little concerned, but apparently there was nothing to worry about. The Vado HD works great. I opened the package and immediately connected it up to my laptop via the USB cable to charge. If you press the Play button, it will go into fast charge mode, which I did. I then went out to dinner and when I returned it was already fully charged and ready to go. I took a couple of quick 2 minute videos of my son running around and playing and then hooked it back up to my laptop. The software to edit videos is located on the device, so you navigate to it through Windows Explorer and run the executable. The program loads up the videos you have on the device at which point you can watch them or run the stripped down Muvee software to add some music or effects to the video. All very easy and not too many things you can do, but it is quick and easy and can be done on anyone's computer just by plugging up the device. Pretty slick. Or you can just browse to the folder where the videos are stored on the device and run them straight from there with your default viewer (they are saved in .avi format). I then plugged up the HDMI into one of my free ports on my Panasonic 46 inch plasma and played the videos back through that. Very easy and since I can leave the HDMI cable tucked behind the tv, it makes playing video back for the family a very quick and painless thing to do. My son made me play his videos back quite a few times!! The quality of the video is actually better than I expected. I have never owned a pocket camcorder before, up to this point I have only used my Sony Handycam using digital 8MM. I was worried that I would not be happy with the quality of the video indoors, but it was perfectly acceptable for what I plan on using it for, which is to record family events. There is no zooming to speak of, but for me that is a good thing. I am always attempting to zoom in and out when I video and the result usually causes people to get sick when they watch one of my recordings! All in all, I am very pleased with the device. This being the first time owning one of these, I was shocked by the size and weight of this thing. I was expecting it to be small, but man, this thing is tiny and is light as a feather. Not crazy about the milky white cover that you comes with it, but it's better than nothing I suppose. If it annoys me too much I can always take it back off.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vado Hd Review By Dj Leo Diaz, August 24, 2009
This is a great product for everyone , its features make this product basic with out all the complications of most devices. its the size of a small cell phone and instantly records when needed. Most rechargable devices die out quick on battery power but the HD VADO last for a very long long time. so far i have gone up to 4 day with out the need to charge it . go on line and research videos on this product and you will see further details on this great product
Changed my life, August 24, 2009

To be able to finally capture life's special little moments with this camera is great. I keep it in my pocket, and since it turns on so quickly, am able to shoot the action as it happens. It's really easy to use, and the included software makes it easy for simple viewing and editing. The video quality is more than good enough, though not steller. The 2+ hours in the highest quality mode is more than enough for a day's shooting. I had to upload using YouTube website.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great little camera for the price

Great little camera for the price, August 19, 2009
By P. Falcioni "Ducatisti" (Central Oregon, United States)

We're having so much fun with our Vado! After nearly 6 months, I've videoed everything from our Disneyworld trip to winter snowstorms and now summer lightning shows. Next month it will be in the tank bag of my motorcycle and traveling across the country with us. For users with a steady hand, this camera can give you results that rival bigger vid cameras, at a price and size that keeps you from worrying about taking it into dirty, dusty or damp situations. It's funny, but my favorite thing about the Vado is that it comes from the factory with a silicone skin, this is one accessory that I always purchase for my cameras and phones, and to have one come with the product is the sign of a company that is thinking and willing to try harder. Small enough to take anywhere, with extremely easy two-button operation that even the technologically challenged will handle with ease, big clear HD video, it's a winner!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vado HD

The thin, lightweight Vado HD is small enough to fit in a pocket, purse or the palm of your hand, and easily captures video in 720p high-definition quality with just the touch of a button. The Creative Vado HD is the only pocket video camera to feature high quality HDMI connectivity and an included HDMI cable that provides 1080i output to an HDTV.

Capture high-definition videoRecord all your fun moments at an HD video resolution of up to 1280x720p! With the wide-angle glass lens, you can also capture wider scenes and more action in your videos. This precision-engineered glass lens produces sharper and clearer images, giving you professional-looking videos. Vado HD also has 2x digital zoom and works great in dim environments.

2 hours of recording and playback Simply start and stop recording with the touch of a button. Record up to 2 hours1 of stunning HD plus quality video, up to 4 hours1 of HD quality video or up to 8 hours of video at VGA resolution. The large 8GB internal memory1 and three recording modes give you the freedom to choose the video quality that's best for you.

Connect and share in an instantSimply plug in Vado HD's flexible USB tab and post your videos directly onto popular web sites such as YouTube™, Photobucket or with the built-in Vado Central software. You can even save your great quality video clips to your computer for a lifetime of memories.

Edit movies and snap photosMake and edit your own short movies, or capture snapshots in still and burst mode with the built-in Vado Central software.
Playback video on your HDTVConnect your Vado HD camcorder to any HDTV with the included HDMI cable and enjoy your videos in 1080i HD quality.

High-quality video compressionThe latest H.264 video compression technology provides unprecedented video quality at ultra-efficient file sizes for the best possible viewing experience. Record up to 4 times more videos, compared to MPEG-4 encoded ones.
Large 2", antiglare screenSet up the perfect shot, review clips onscreen or show them off to friends. Keep the videos you like; delete the ones you don't.

Rechargeable for hours of fun.Enjoy 2 hours of recording and playback with the Lithium-ion battery2; simply recharge via USB. Need more time? The battery is even removable so you can change out for a fresh one.

Accessorize your Vado HDPick up an optional accessory for your Vado HD Pocket Video Cam! Choose from a water proof pouch, mesh case,A/V cable, spare rechargeable battertand a battery charger to get the most out of your Vado HD.

Which Vado Pocket Video Camera is right for you?Also see the standard definition Creative Vado,Pocket Video Camera. Compare Vados to narrow in on the Creative Vado pocket video camera that best suits your needs.

1. 8GB memory includes built-in software.

2. Actual battery life will vary with use.

Here's what others are saying...

In video quality, the Creative Vado HD outshone the competition, and its wider-angle lens is a great touch...PC World, April 28 2009.

5.0 out of 5 starssimply the best , August 13, 2009
By pakang 144
It was the best camcorder I ever bought. Although it takes a while to charge the battery, but, still am amazed by its video clarity and sharpness. By watching your recorded videos through an HDTV, Oh man!! I tell yah guys, its just like looking through your window. I am very satisfied with my purchase. You guys out should get one.

Awsome Camera/Video

August 11, 2009
By Rick
I saw this camera on another web site but I still will give my review. This video camera is awesome Watch the HD quality this is the best little camera I've owned. I take it every where I go. The battery's power is unlike any camera in that size,the monitor is large for a camera of it's size to. It stores up to 2 hours of film time. the camera comes with all the plugs and cables you'll need to watch it on TV you can down load direct to u tube you can also go to there web site to get there up grade for video editing it also doe's still pictures. I would recommend this camera to anyone.

"For itz size and mobility... simply great."

by ravindrak81 on June 1, 2009
8 Gb memory.Wide angle lens. Simple upload to youtube. $...extra cable for TV viewing very easy to use.

"Amazing for something that fits it your pocket!"
by caazi on February 17, 2009

Fits in your pocketHD videoHDMIfor mic being smaller than an M&M sound is great even at a live concert.

Picture quality is very good. Not quite DVD quality but not far away. Very simple to use. Build in HDMI port is nice and you can tape and watch on your TV (if have HDMI) literally seconds later and the quality will amaze you considering size/price.

"A snap to use"
by doug1066 on December 25, 2008
Ease of use, included HDMI and USB extension cables, amount of memory.